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Hawaiian Pacific Radio
Tuesday, May 08 2018

Beginning June 1, 2018 Hawaiian Pacific Radio will be fine tuning it's programming and several changes will be noticed.  First, don't fear many of your favorite shows will remain.  Just refer to our schedule on this website for the times. Always remember to adjust the time accordingly since Hawaiian Pacific Radio broadcasts around the world into many countries and time zones.  We broadcast on Hawaii Standard Time.

Here re some noteworthy changes to become effective June 1st.  New breaking shows such as Island Gospel, Global Jazz, Soul and Funk Show, The 60's Experience, Nothing But Old 45's Next Generation as well as several others.

Because many shows are formatted with Classic Hits of the 60's, 70's and 80's, Hawaiian Pacific Radio will be removing a majority of Classic Hit Songs from our normal playlists and providing more Hawaiian Pacific related music in rotation along with the Motown Soul sounds.  Special features will also be placed in our playlists such as Rewind (What Happened on this Date in History), A flashback to a favorite Television Theme song and a Flashback to a Solid Gold Hit from the Vault.

Unfortunately some shows that have aired on Hawaiian Pacific Radio in the past has either discontinued syndication or no longer is a good fit for our programming, therefore being eliminated.

These are just some of our changes.  We ALWAYS welcome your input and suggestions.  You can replay to our blog here, send comments on our contact page of this website or email us at

More to come and Mahalo for listening to Hawaii's New Mix!

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