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Wednesday, October 10 2012

Aloha, Rachel here, inviting everyone to listen Halloween night at 6:00 and again at Midnight as I count down the 20 most scary and spooky songs.  We are still taking suggestions for the countdown.  So far we have been asked to include "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, "Strange Brew" by Cream and everyone's favorite, "The Monster Mash." 

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Monday, October 01 2012

Hawaiian Pacific Radio has concluded the first month since the launch on September 1st.  What a remarkable month it has been.  A BIG MAHALO to all our listeners that have exceeded our expectations in all areas.  Our statistical report from LIVE 365 show we are a top radio station in all areas of their report.

Now that we can breathe a sigh of relief from our first month, it is time to start fine-tuning.  In October brings a new chapter at Hawaiian Pacific Radio.  Our Air Personalities will be doing three hour sets.  A new three hour program featuring the roots of Hawaiian culture will be presented three times per week.  This feature will be true traditional music of Hawai'i.  There are several new program features in the mix and will be made public to you, our listeners, soon.

Again Mahalo for giving you the best in Pacific Island Reggae and Hawaiian Contemporary/Traditional music.

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