A Cleveland native, branding is what Chuck has been doing for 25 years. A Marconi and multiple Achievement in Radio award winner, Chuck has voiced, imaged and branded stations all over the United States and the Caribbean. Chuck’s career has also had him sit in the programming chair. As both a Voice talent AND as a producer he knows where Program Director’s are coming from in regards to positioning and branding and can work with them to achieve the sonic message they seek. As a VO talent, Chuck has built a stable of stations with his distinct voice. He can go powerful, to gritty, to conversational to upbeat. Formats that Chuck excels are News/Talk, Sports, Classic Rock and Country. Chuck takes direction very well. Even won an award in high school for “Most Coachable”. Most likely because they felt bad for him and made up an award. Additionally, Chuck has been the VO talent for The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s radio and television campaign since 2012. He can be heard on regional spots as well as on NFL Network. He’s also the VO talent for the Hall of Fame’s weekly show on SiriusXM’s NFL Radio, channel 88. As a producer, Chuck has imaged all formats. He excels at classic rock, news/talk and country. Notable stations include KQRS/Minneapolis, WGRF/Buffalo, WMMS/WMJI Cleveland, WTRG/WRDU Raleigh NC, WLCL/WKLS Atlanta, WQMX/Akron, KACP/Salt Lake City, WOMC/Detroit and more.
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