Hi, I’m Sandy Kaye and like most people, I’m really into the music I grew up with – the soundtrack of my life. I never seemed to grow past what I believe was the heyday of music. Of course, I’m talking about the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s when music exploded, and musicians weren’t afraid to try anything. These are the sounds that take me back to my youth. The Blues and R&B speak to my soul. Pop and rock reminds me exactly where I was when I first heard the tunes. Sometimes it was driving in the car, other times it was at school or university and occasionally it was when I had met a boy and we shared a kiss.
As a journalist with a long history in both radio and television here in Australia, I’m also extremely passionate about a good story. So, when I track down some of my favourite artists (check out the episodes tab to see who I have so far) I always try to find musicians with great back stories and ask them to tell me how or why they made their awesome music. I really want you to be both entertained and learn something new each and every time you tune in.
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