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David Southway
Started a broadcasting career as one of the voices to be heard on BBC Radio Bristol, on a Saturday morning in September 1970. (My producer advised me the others were ‘radio presenters’). I spent approx. 4 years at the BBC, presenting different programs as well as current affairs producer. I decided when my young family came along that perhaps I could have the ‘best of both worlds’ by trying my hand in ‘the business world’, and still work in broadcasting as a freelance. As well as being successful in Sales & Marketing Director etc. I have also worked for GWR radio, Classic Gold, WFM, Star Radio and Pulse Radio. Most of these were at the time very successful stations across the UK Southeast, South Coast and Southwest. As most radio presenters did at the time. I started out as a club DJ when the Soul Music genre was very powerful, with a growing following. It is encouraging to know that even after the time that has passed there is still as much interest in this genre as there was in those early days. The idea for Soul Vaults show was brought about after discussion with many people who were intrigued by the origins of ‘Old Soul’ and more importantly the lack of information about what is after all a key part of our musical heritage. I saw this as an opportunity to couple my love of the music genre together with my passion for radio. The show not only plays the songs but provides the background to the songs and the artists. In addition to Soul Vaults. I have also for the last 6 years been part of a team of 3 seasoned (OLD) radio professionals that have over 120 years combined radio/, producing a weekly show Old Gits & Hits. www.oldgitsandhits.co.uk that is really a sideways look at life, or even a ‘jaundiced’ view, in which we aim and hope to deliver in a fun and hopefully informative way. It is aimed at all age groups and in fact the feedback is positive from all groups and is now very successful and syndicated to six stations. The program was in the final 5 of the National Radio Awards 3 years ago, of course it would have been excellent to have won, however for as we put it ‘3 Old Gits to make it to the final 5’ we believed it was an achievement we are rightly proud of.
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