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Mr. and Mrs. R (Robert and Pamela)
Mr. R is an escalating radio DJ and CEO/President of RnR Radio and is rapidly becoming a major force in today's entertainment industry.
Hailing from Freeport, Long Island, and now living in Las Vegas. Mr. R started his career in the late '80s as a rapper by the name Kool Rob-O; writing his own songs and recording "clean lyric" rap for a local record label. After years of pursuing his rap career, he decided to give it up to pursue a broadcasting carer.
Mrs.R is a radio/voice talent and also the CFO of RnR Radio. Prior to doing the RnR Radio Show, she was featured as the voice for Welcome Calls for Sprint/Nextel Cell Phones.
Watch out for the husband-and-wife team as they take the radio world by storm!