Lifelong music fan, Eric Luecking, brings his passion for soul and funk alongside other genres like jazz, Latin soul, and disco to streaming internet stations based out of the Midwest (USA) to host a weekly two-hour show called Joyride of Soul.
The show’s host has more than just a love for music in his living room or while riding in the car, having contributed as a freelance columnist and reviewer for outlets like NPR, American Songwriter, All Music Guide, Wax Poetics, Soul-Sides, Paste, and his own Record-Racks music blog. Growing up in a house where music was played loud and played often with great tunes from artists like Aretha Franklin, Kool & The Gang, Donna Summer, Van McCoy, and even Gil Scott-Heron, a love was instilled for music to both Luecking brothers to share it through conversation, the dancefloor, or radio.
For those interested in learning more about the show or its roots, visit the Joyride of Soul Facebook page.
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